Four Steps to Rejuvenation Miracles

Begin the reinvention of your future NOW! Invest in your health, wealth and happiness!

1) Choose to take 4 basic steps to transform your life and health today!  Following a whole food rejuvenation program with a trained specialist will improve your energy, digestion, immunity and overall wellness for a powerful natural anti-aging program. By the way whole food supplements on the surface may seem to be simple yet they are very powerful. The science and wisdom of using products that are not synthetic is profound.

Rejuvenation = Natural Health Restored, Anti-aging and Longevity

2) Choose to eat healthier and smarter by making NATURAL, simple health care choices. If you don’t know what is best for you, check with a natural health care provider. Keep in mind that the closer to nature the easier for your body to benefit. Synthetic nutrients, flavors, binders and preservatives are NOT simple for your body to process. It is actually creating more of what ails you.

Top 7 Benefits
Increased Energy
Natural Weight Loss
Increase flexibility
Decrease inflammation and pain
Improved Digestion
Enhanced Physical Function
Balanced Emotions, Improve Memory & Mental function

Rejuvenation is to energize your life, revitalize your activity level, increase flexibility and emotional and mental clarity and give you a renewed zest for living. Simply Radiant is a program which has the potential to alleviate symptoms of lowered vitality and improve general health and well being through a scientifically based approach.

A simple 28-day program which focuses on rejuvenation through whole food nutritional therapy and simple dietary changes to detoxify, nourish, rest, improve biochemical functioning and restore the body’s vitality.

Natural Rejuvenation

Once widely publicized, fasting is no longer considered the best form of detoxification. To function optimally, our body’s processes are dependent upon adequate levels of supporting nutrients, which are depleted during traditional fasting programs. Regular rejuvenation therapy encourages organs to detoxify, function better and even amplify their performance.

“Many people experience new clarity of purpose in life during cleansing processes.”  Haas, nutritionist

This nutritionally sound program signals your liver to burn fat rather than store it. The program includes a comprehensive nutritional exam and 3 consultations. You will also receive professional coaching through your comprehensive 21 day program which includes therapeutic grade organic whole food supplements to support your individual biochemical needs, rather than synthetic micronutrients your body may or may not need use.

To learn more.
Attend an Introduction to Rejuvenation.  Visit our Facebook page and message us about upcoming classes or to schedule an evaluation prior to beginning this program. This and other educational programs are not a substitute for medical care.  See

What’s Next?

3) Begin a program of swimming, yoga, or other physical improvement program NOW. Choose the one you like, not the one you think you are supposed to do.

4) Practice healthy mental habits: take a program in personal transformation, read a book about positive thinking, start biofeedback, hire a life coach. Ask Dr. Taylor about her own training and transformation.

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