Food Pyramid Failure

United States Department of Agriculture created The Food Pyramid which is based on the USDA’s Dietary Goals for Americans (DGA). It was designed to be a visual aid to promote healthy eating then by following the suggestions of the food pyramid Americans would have better nutrition and health. Grains, located at the bottom where the pyramid is larger, represent the largest number of servings, while salts and fats, which are recommended to be used sparingly, appear on the top.
The DGA are federal guidelines that were released in 1977 advises all people in America to reduce the fat in their diet and increase the carbohydrates, known to millions of adults and children symbolized by the Food Pyramid.


The Food Pyramid

The Food Pyramid, according to a report “While the DGA are the bedrock of conventional nutrition today, what has been forgotten is that when they were issued, the benefits of eating more carbs and less fat were hotly debated within the scientific community.  Simply put, there wasn’t a lot of evidence to support the notion that reducing fat would lead to better health or weight loss.

Many prominent scientists openly questioned the DGA.  Philip Handler, president of the National Academy of Sciences, summed up their concerns in a rebuke he delivered to Congress in 1980:
“What right has the federal government to propose that the American people conduct a vast nutritional experiment, with themselves as subjects, on the strength of so very little evidence that it will do them any good?”

The DGA prevailed in spite of Dr. Handler’s protest (that’s a whole other story), and since 1977 Americans have dutifully increased the ratio of carbohydrates to fat in their diet.

Significant is that during  “…that time, the obesity rate has risen from 15% of the population to 35% today while the rate of diabetes has skyrocketed.”

“The development of an epidemic of overweight and diabetes under the guidance of the DGA would seem to call for a critical review of the guidelines. So when the DGA review committee recently rubber-stamped the goals, basically telling Americans to keep doing what they’ve been doing, a group of prominent health researchers had had enough.”

Adele Hite of the Gilling’s School of Global Public Health at the University of North Carolina led a scathing review of both the DGA and the DGA committee in “In the Face of Contradictory Evidence”.  Which appears in the respected scientific journal Nutrition  and accuses the DGA committee of “inaccurately representing, interpreting, or summarizing the literature [and] drawing conclusions and/or making recommendations that do not reflect the limitations or controversies in the science.”

The authors present a conclusion that is nothing short of scandalous: “The [DGA committee] report does not provide sufficient evidence to conclude that increases in whole grain and fiber and decreases in dietary saturated fat, salt, and animal protein will lead to positive health….It is time to reexamine how US dietary guidelines are created and ask whether the current process is still appropriate for our needs.”

The foundation of the popular belief about nutrition is that fat is bad, carbohydrates are good, that plant foods are better nutrition than animal foods, is not based on scientific evidence.  It never was, and in fact may be doing us harm.

For example is the use of low fat diets.  Fats are required for hormones and neurotransmitters as well as many other functions.  It is not a surprise that we have such an enormous number of the population on anti-depressants, anti-inflammatory drugs, pain pills, sleep aids, hormone replacement and more.  Essential Fatty Acids are required by the body for biochemical competency and balance.  A low fat diet is nothing short of dangerous.

Decisions about the design of the food pyramid and Daily Requirements were highly influenced on the one hand, by the affordability of meeting the nutritional needs for the Food Stamp program, Vitamin E in particular.

Food Sources of Vitamin E

This is due to the failure of policy makers to use science as a foundation in implementing government policy.  Thomas Jefferson said, “Educate the people and end tyranny.” As a clinical nutritionist for over thirty years I am thrilled that this widely applied tool is being questioned at a high level.  information to educate patients and keep them healthy.  As a chiropractor I want to be able to provide science based information to educate patients and keep them healthy.

(c) 2013 Nancy Taylor, BS, DC

Bee Medicine and Traditional Wisdom

The Benefits of Honey and Honey Bees
Apitherapy is the therapeutic use of honey bee hive products such as honey, royal jelly, propolis, beeswax, pollen, and venom. It is antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-allergic, expectorant, cancer-preventing, relaxing, sedative and has no or minimal side effects (allergies and other negative reactions of the body are possible mainly in the case of overdose).

No other single natural substance is more beneficial than honey as an earthly food and medicine and a divine healer. As a drink for energy it is quickly absorbed; it is the least harmful sweetener. Honey is one of the most useful and valuable natural remedies. In Ancient Greece, honey was used for its remarkable anti-bacterial, anti-viral and wound-healing properties.

Recently Australian scientists have discovered that honey is a powerful natural medicine capable of killing almost all types of bacteria, including drug-resistant super bugs that threaten the lives of hospital patients around the world. The miracle sweet liquid is Manuka or jelly bush honey and is made only by bees collecting pollen and nectar from trees in Australia and New Zealand.

Other research is finding that an extract of propolis (also called Bee Glue) was found to inhibit PANC-1 human pancreatic cancer cells. (Chemical Constituents of Propolis from Myanmar and Their Preferential Cytotoxicity Against a Human Pancreatic Cancer Cell Line. J. Nat. Prod, July 2, 2009

Honey can improve our skin and immune system, lower heart disease risk, help us to calm down, as well as give us a plenty of positive energy. In Ayurveda honey is called as Madhu and is used to treat bed wetting disorders.

Honey contains many nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, copper, sodium, potassium, iodine, sulfur, manganese and chlorine, Vitamins E, D, C, K, Vitamin A and beta-carotene, B-group Vitamins, folic acid, caffeic acid and other organic acids, proteins, carbohydrates, hydrogen peroxide and many others. It has only 25-30 calories so the property of honey to be converted easily into energy causes no extra fat storage!

Researchers from Penn State College of Medicine in Pennsylvania, studied the effects of honey as a cough suppressant also reported about the excellent properties of honey as a sleep stimulator. Small doses of honey can be used by diabetes patients as a safe natural sweetener. In addition the abundance of antioxidants contained in honey make this food a source of beauty, youth and vigor.

History of Sacred Bee Medicine
In Ibn Qayyim’s, The Prophets Book of Medicine (13th – 14 Century) the following is said about honey: It whitens the teeth and keeps the gums healthy; it cleanses the stomach, breaks up mucus, opens the pours is good for the hair, benefits the kidneys, prostate, liver, chest, veins intestines, digestion, circulation and more. It stimulates digestion, gives energy and clears the eyes. It preserves meat for 3 months, and vegetables for up to 6 months. It is known as the true preserver. It makes bitter medicines palatable, it is good for the flu and hepatitis, it eases PMS and warms the stomach.

Hippocrates, considered the father of medicine, wrote, “Honey and pollen cause warmth, clean sores and ulcers, soften hard ulcers of lips, heal carbuncles and running sores.”

Many American Indian tribes used honey and other bee by-products that were readily available and widely used. Long before European settlers brought honey bee Apis Mellifera, to America in the seventeenth century, the early Maya and Aztec Indians kept bees and collected honey from the wild bees, of which there are more than 3,500 species in North America.

“Make hives in the mountain and in the trees and walk in the ways of your Lord submissively. There comes forth from within it a beverage of many colors, in which there is healing for men; most surely there is a sign in this for a people who reflect.” The Koran, Chapters 16.68/69

Ancient Ayurvedic medicine texts state that honey speeds up healing, strengthens the white blood corpuscles to fight bacteria and viral diseases; is very good for eyes and eye sight; reduces effects of poison; is very useful in urinary tract disorders, worm infestations, bronchial asthma, cough, diarrhea and nausea, vomiting. And it enhances the medicinal qualities when used with other herbal preparations. Honey should not be heated.

Traditional Bee Wisdom
Throughout history in many cultures a mystical relationship to honeybees can be found. In Egypt bees were the tears of Ra, the sun god, and the giver of life and resurrection. King Menes’s wife was named after the bee-goddess, Neit. The oldest recognized temple in Egypt, at Sais in the Nile delta, was named, ˜Castle of the Bee.” In India bees are used symbolically in association with the deity as Krishna who has a blue bee in the middle of his forehead. Shiva is represented as a triangle surmounted by a bee and Kama the god of love, has a bow-string of bees.

Bee medicine in Cherokee is wadulisi nvwati means hard work, community and communication. When Bee Medicine grabs your attention it is reminding you to work within your community or family and to do your part. The bee is a hard-worker and each bee is dependent on the next to support the entire hive community. The bee is mostly concerned with the needs of her intricate hive family. The bee community runs easily and effortlessly due to the perfected communication between all of its members by way of the “waggle dance” or dance language. The bee will communicate what she has found in the flowering plants to other bees in order to recruit worker bees of the hive to forage in the same area. The Bee’s message is about communication, working hard and doing your part to aid the community in which you are a part and enjoying the fruits of your labor . . . Nectar!

In the Ancient Mediterranean world the Great Mother was known as the Queen Bee or the Bee Priestesses, and her priestesses were called Melissae, in Greek or the Deborah in Hebrew. They served the Bee Goddesses: Aphrodite, Artemis, Cybele, Demeter, Persephone, Neith, and later the Virgin Mary. Many of the bee priestesses functioned as oracles, a highly valued and honored position. They are also associated with the frame drum. In Australia and Africa bees are found as tribal totems. Kung Bushmen believe bees are carriers of supernatural power.

In Celtic areas bees are thought to possess a secret wisdom garnered from the other world. In Imperial France bees were a regal symbol, and Napoleon wore robes decorated with honeybees.

Coming Soon: More Sacred Bee Wisdom on: Bee pollen, bee venom therapy, royal jelly and propolis, one of the oldest and successful medicines of the world!


Four Steps to Rejuvenation Miracles

Begin the reinvention of your future NOW! Invest in your health, wealth and happiness!

1) Choose to take 4 basic steps to transform your life and health today!  Following a whole food rejuvenation program with a trained specialist will improve your energy, digestion, immunity and overall wellness for a powerful natural anti-aging program. By the way whole food supplements on the surface may seem to be simple yet they are very powerful. The science and wisdom of using products that are not synthetic is profound.

Rejuvenation = Natural Health Restored, Anti-aging and Longevity

2) Choose to eat healthier and smarter by making NATURAL, simple health care choices. If you don’t know what is best for you, check with a natural health care provider. Keep in mind that the closer to nature the easier for your body to benefit. Synthetic nutrients, flavors, binders and preservatives are NOT simple for your body to process. It is actually creating more of what ails you.

Top 7 Benefits
Increased Energy
Natural Weight Loss
Increase flexibility
Decrease inflammation and pain
Improved Digestion
Enhanced Physical Function
Balanced Emotions, Improve Memory & Mental function

Rejuvenation is to energize your life, revitalize your activity level, increase flexibility and emotional and mental clarity and give you a renewed zest for living. Simply Radiant is a program which has the potential to alleviate symptoms of lowered vitality and improve general health and well being through a scientifically based approach.

A simple 28-day program which focuses on rejuvenation through whole food nutritional therapy and simple dietary changes to detoxify, nourish, rest, improve biochemical functioning and restore the body’s vitality.

Natural Rejuvenation

Once widely publicized, fasting is no longer considered the best form of detoxification. To function optimally, our body’s processes are dependent upon adequate levels of supporting nutrients, which are depleted during traditional fasting programs. Regular rejuvenation therapy encourages organs to detoxify, function better and even amplify their performance.

“Many people experience new clarity of purpose in life during cleansing processes.”  Haas, nutritionist

This nutritionally sound program signals your liver to burn fat rather than store it. The program includes a comprehensive nutritional exam and 3 consultations. You will also receive professional coaching through your comprehensive 21 day program which includes therapeutic grade organic whole food supplements to support your individual biochemical needs, rather than synthetic micronutrients your body may or may not need use.

To learn more.
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What’s Next?

3) Begin a program of swimming, yoga, or other physical improvement program NOW. Choose the one you like, not the one you think you are supposed to do.

4) Practice healthy mental habits: take a program in personal transformation, read a book about positive thinking, start biofeedback, hire a life coach. Ask Dr. Taylor about her own training and transformation.

Substantially Improve Immune Strength!

1. Lemon juice is an ideal food for restoring stomach health. This is primary to your overall health. You can drink freshly squeezed lemon juice in water, or add it to tea, salad dressings, and even by soaking your feet in a warm pan of water with cut lemons added. This supports healthy bacteria instead of the viruses and harmful bacteria which thrive in more acidic environments.

2. Herbs: supplements, tinctures, oils and liquid concentrations. The later are the most powerful and can be obtained in pharmaceutical grade. That means their active ingredients are kept at a particular standard and are reliable for potency. Oils are typically applied on the skin, however there are oils that are made for internal use.

3. Get a full night’s sleep. Your body needs from 6 to 10 hours of sleep each night. Sleep has been linked to balanced hormone levels (including human growth hormone and the stress hormone, cortisol), thyroid health (immune system monitor), weight maintenance, clarity in thinking and reasoning, mood, and skin health. Early to bed, early to rise, makes us healthy, wealthy and shine brilliantly.

4. Eat quality protein. Protein is a building block for a healthy body, mind, and immune system. Diets low in protein tend to be high in carbohydrates which convert to glucose causing a spike in blood sugar then stress the pancreas and immune system.

5. Drink water. This is almost, but not quite, a given; most headaches occur because despite the number of reminders, people still aren’t getting enough water! Winter heating can quickly dehydrate the skin and body. Often headaches a sign of dehydration. Drink half your body weight in ounces of water. (weight in pounds, divided by 2 = number of ounces of water per day.)

6. Coffee can stress your immune system. Caffeine robs your body of minerals and vitamins, and dehydrates you. If you drink coffee, make sure you add an additional two glasses to your water intake per cup of coffee. Taking a mineral supplement can help to offset the damage.

7. Eliminate white sugar and use whole food forms of sweetener. This one thing can boost your immune system exponentially. You will see noticeable results in your energy levels, weight distribution, immunity and your ability to think clearly when you break the cravings and stop eating refined sugar. Many natural health care professionals consider sugar a drug for its impact on the human body. It can be as damaging as smoking to all the body systems. Try unprocessed forms of cane sugar, honey, agave or stevia. It may take time for you to readjust your taste buds, however it is recommended to AVOID artificial sweeteners as they are more toxic than cane sugar, affecting brain and nervous system health.

8. Eat your veggies and fruits for the vital antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fibrer and enzymes are unparalleled. Many vitamins, such as vitamin C, will protect cells from damage by toxins in the environment. Dark-colored produce such as blueberries, kale, broccoli, collards, etc tend to be higher in bioflavonoids and antioxidants. Seaweed is another.

9. Fresh Air! Try spending more time outside. Exercise releases endorphins, otherwise known as “the happy hormone”. A little fresh air helps to oxygenate the body after inhaling filtered air and even possibly germs. Be sure to wear a jacket and keep the chest and throat area covered.

10. Love your body and nurture yourself by taking time for you. Spend some time with friends, have a massage, relax in a hot bath, or walk 30 minutes a day. Pay attention to warning signs of fatigue, grumpiness, sore throat or “the blues”. Take a “mental health day” every few months.

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